Sitemap Generator

Generate a sitemap for free, with a maximum of 250 pages.

Sitemap Generator

This PHP script generates a sitemap XML file for a given website URL.


  1. Upload this script to your web server.
  2. Access this script through your web browser.
  3. Enter the website URL for which you want to generate the sitemap.
  4. Click "Generate Sitemap" button.
  5. The script will crawl the website and generate a sitemap containing up to 50 URLs.
  6. You can then download the generated sitemap XML file.

What is a Sitemap?

A sitemap is a file that lists all the pages of a website to help search engines crawl and index the site's content more effectively.

Why is a Sitemap Required?

SEO Benefits of Using a Sitemap:

How to Add a Sitemap using robots.txt:

To inform search engines about the location of your sitemap, you can add a line to your website's robots.txt file.

User-agent: * Sitemap:

Replace "" with the URL of your sitemap XML file.